Best Kitchen Faucets in 2018: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

best kitchen faucets

Sometimes giving your kitchen a new look and feel lies in what most people may assume – kitchen faucets.  However, picking the best kitchen faucet can be overwhelming.

Changing the kitchen faucet can bring the whole look together in terms of aesthetic and functionality while a substandard one will break it.

There are too many varieties to choose from, and we understand that the various options in the market can be overwhelming. That is why we have taken a lot of time to find the best kitchen faucets for you. If you are building a new kitchen or are in the process of remodeling, this review will help you narrow down your choices and help you choose the right faucet for your kitchen sink.

Whether you are looking for pull-down, pull out, touch or touch-less option, we have something for you. Read through and pick one that meets your demand.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets

 ModelMaterialFlow rateStylePrice
Delta 9178-AR-DST Kitchen FaucetBrass1.8 GMPull-down faucet Check Price
Moen Arbor 7594SRS- Best Faucet BrandBrass1.8 GMPull-down system Check Price
Kraus KPF-2110 Pull Out Faucet- Best Pull Out FaucetBrass1.8 GMPull-out Check Price
Moen 7594ESRS Arbor- Kitchen FaucetSpot resist stainless steel1.5 GMTouchless Check Price
Kraus KPF-1602- Best Industrial Kitchen FaucetSolid Brass1.8 GMPull-down Check Price
Pfister GT529-ELS Lita FaucetPolished steel1.8 GMTouchless Check Price
Kohler K-72218-VS Sensate Kitchen FaucetMetal1.8 GMTouchless Check Price
American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony Kitchen FaucetBrass2.2 GMPull-down Check Price
Moens 7597c 90-Degree Kitchen FaucetMetal1.5 GMPull-out Check Price

Best Kitchen Faucets Reviewed

Delta 9178-AR-DST- Single Handle Pull Down Faucet

Design meets functionality with this Delta faucet. It will look great in your kitchen and does an excellent job as well. This model comes in a teapot design and is available in four finishes; artic stainless, Venetian bronze, chrome and SpotShied stainless. Depending on your kitchen color scheme, you will find a faucet that compliments it perfectly.

The 9178-AR-DST is fitted with a high spout that can turn 360 degrees for ease of use. With the one handle, it’s easy to switch from hot to cold with just a simple swivel and adjust the flow of water.

The makers of this faucet integrated a magnet that snaps the spray wand into place and held it in position when docked and won’t weaken and droop over time. The diamond seal technology ensures this faucet will continue to operate well for a long time.

The flow rate for this Delta unit is 1.8 GM and works well when used with hard water. You won’t experience much build up with the touch clean spray holes with are easy to clean by just a wipe. The pull-down spray head is easy to use with various settings

  • Sleek design with four finishes to choose from
  • 360-degree swivel and a pull-down wand reaching 20 inches for ease of use
  • Touch clean spray holes
  • MagnaTite docking style that prevents drooping
  • Diamond seal technology to make the faucet durable
  • Isolated complaints of leaking

Moen Arbor 7594SRS- Best Faucet Brand

Moen is a well-recognized top faucet brand. They live up to the hype with durable construction made with advanced technology. The Moen Arbor stands out with remarkable designs that will stand out in traditional to modern kitchens.

This faucet is a one handle pulldown system that delivers a heavy-duty stream with the Clean Power technology that provides 50% more spray. The reflex system ensures the pull-down wand always comes to dock easily and securely. This way your faucets wand will never droop.

The spot Resist stainless steel resists fingerprints and stains ensuring your kitchen faucet is always immaculately clean all the time. Moen Arbor features Duralock system that is easy to install through one or three holes.

  • Beautiful design that is available in four colors
  • Fingerprint and spot resistance stainless steel
  • Reflex systems that dock the hose into position
  • Duralock system for easy installation
  • Long pull-down hose that stretches up to 68 inches
  • Doesn’t come with a base plate

Kraus KPF-2110 Pull Out Faucet- Best Pull Out Faucet

If you are on the hunt for an industrial look faucet, this Kraus brand faucet is an ideal choice. The seamless stainless-steel body with unique design makes it stands out.

The pull-out spray is made of nylon braided hose that is 28 inches long that has a powerful jet with a flow rate of 1.8 GM. There are two spray settings on this unit, average flow, and spray. When you are done cleaning, the hose retracts back into the spout by depressing the rubber button on top of the spout. By retracting the tube, the flow returns to normal.

The spout on this faucet swivel 180 degrees which make it easy to use. The faucet is a non-drip, thanks to a sedal drip made of Korex cartridge

  • Lead-free construction that is durable
  • Stainless steel design that fits into any kitchen décor
  • Easy to use with a spout that swivels 180 degrees
  • Kerox ceramic cartridge that prevents dripping
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Not easy to install due to inadequate instructions on the manual

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor- Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet

If you are looking for something extra, this Moen touchless faucet tick all boxes, it’s a stylish piece with better functionality. You will have the latest in faucet technology at your fingertips. Moen has listened to its customers to come up with this Arbor motion sense faucet for the tech-savvy customers.

The faucet comes in three colors: chrome, spot resist stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze. It features a high arch with a pull-down spout. The stylish one handle is easy to use and transitions from cold to hot seamlessly with just one turn. This model is ergonomically designed to make it easy to use.

The spout sits high at 16 inches allowing you to fit big pots and pans comfortably under the spray. The pull-down hose reaches 68 inches which makes rinsing easy. The pull-down system has a wand that moves in any direction. The spot resists feature ensures your faucet remains clean al the time.

The motion sensor technology allows you to use the faucet without touching thereby eliminating chances of transferring germs. The tap works in three ways. There is a sensor on top that starts or stops water flow. The active sensor works by placing your hand or cup under the spout. This movement automatically shuts-off when you move away from it. Another way to get water flowing is by using the handle; it will work like any other traditional faucet.

  • A touchless system offering convenience
  • Reflex system for smooth operation offering secure docking
  • Spot resist stainless steel that is easy to maintain
  • Fast and easy to install with the option of installing through one or three holes
  • Powerclean technology that offers a powerful spray with less splashing
  • Pricier but worth it

Kraus KPF-1602- Best Industrial Kitchen Faucet

Many commercial-style faucets are making their way into home kitchens. This is a faucet that handles a lot of jobs with a great spray and a long hose. If you have double sinks in your kitchen, this industrial grade faucet will work correctly.

The Kraus KPF-1602 model is a single lever pull out faucet. You will get it in chrome color with a brass construction. The design stands out with a high arched hose inside a spiral spring which makes the tube sturdier and swivels with ease. The pull-out hose is perfect for cleaning big items in the sink. The spout can turn up to 180 degrees for easy maneuverability. The fitted ceramic cartridge prevents dripping to preserve water.

You will get a powerful stream of water from Kraus KPF-1602. In fact, on the maximum setting, you will end up soaking the whole kitchen with the 1.8 GM flow rate. You will be able to do a lot more in your sink and around the kitchen with this unit thanks to its flexibility. The self-cleaning rubber nozzle prevents hard water and lime buildup making it easy to maintain. Installation is relatively easy requiring a single hole.

  • Durable brass construction that will last long
  • Heavy duty design
  • Powerful spray controlled by a LiteTouch single lever
  • It’s a large faucet suitable for bigger sinks

Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison – Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

This two handle Delta brand kitchen faucet has a high arch that sits in the middle between the two handles. It offers convenience with a spout that can turn 360 degrees. The two levers control hot and cold water. With this handle system, it becomes easy to control water temperature by working both handles to your desired water temp. The eight-inch spread between the handles ensures substantial coverage over the sink.

The simple modern steel finish will work well in any kitchen. Because it lacks a hose, it makes up for it with a separate sprayer that is highly pressured and comes in handy when you need that extra pressure to get rid of stubborn dishes.

You may want to get a professional to install it for you. The faucet is attached to the sink using four holes so installing it for the first time is tricky however replacing your older one is quite simple.

  • Its ADA compliant when correctly installed
  • Easy to adjust water temperature with the two levers
  • Simple, clean design that can work in any kitchen
  • Pressurized separate sprayer
  • This faucet requires four holes and may not be compatible with some sink styles

Pfister GT529-ELS Lita Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet with React Touch Free Technology

This is another touch-free faucet to make it to our list. Pfister is a high-end brand that delivers functionality in well-designed faucets that stand out. This model offers two options, polished chrome, and stainless-steel designs. It uses a sensor that works when the hand is 4 inches away from the spout. Using simple swipes of the hand, you can turn the water on or off. The sensor uses AC power with a battery option available and has a SmartStop feature that comes into effect if water runs for more than two minutes.

The faucet also uses the lever system and can work when there is no power. This sleek faucet will add design element in your kitchen. It’s easy to use with a temp adjusting feature that lets you dial in your preferred water temp in the sensor.

With a long retractable hose, it makes for easy rinsing and spraying in the sink. The dual spray head lets you spray or steam water directly on the dishes when cleaning.

  • Wave on and off sensor that turns the water on and off
  • Water temperature is adjustable on the sensor
  • Extra-long hose for convenience
  • Smartstop mode that automatically turns the water off after two minutes of inactivity
  • Dual spray head for easy rinsing
  • Self-cleaning build up with a touch of a button
  • Some buyers of this particular model have complained about the sensor malfunctioning

KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet

The KOHLER Sensate faucet is both beautiful and functional. The vibrant brass will add light to your kitchen. The sensor on this unit is impressive providing a reliable touchless operation that responds in 20 milliseconds. An LED light at the base alerts the user when it’s in use. It can be operated manually with a handheld lever.

The Sensate faucet features a Docknetik magnetic docking, a system that holds the hose in place after it retracts. The light nylon hose is easy to pull down and returns easily into the spout. This feature makes it easy to move the hose where needed in the sink for easy cleaning. With a steam and spray feature, it makes cleaning the toughest dirt easy and fast.

With the Masterclean Sprayface feature, the faucet can be used on with hard water as it can withstand mineral buildup without damaging it.

  • An ultra-sensitive sensor that is very responsive
  • Docknetik docking system that magnetically holds the hose in place
  • Masterclean Sprayface that is resistant to mineral buildup
  • Auto shutoff that switches the faucet off to prevent water wastage
  • Durable brass construction
  • The sensor uses AC and can be manually operated when power is out
  • It’s an expensive faucet that has many impressive features
  • Some users have reported solenoid not working, a component of the touchless sensor.

American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

If you are building or remodeling on a budget, the America Standard Colony is a durable quality faucet that won’t break the bank. Performance and style are what the facet embodies. The American Standard brand offers taps that are easy to install, don’t leak and provide dependable performance.

This brass faucet won’t scratch, tarnish or corrode and will hold up for a very long time. With a high arched spout, it’s the ideal height for a kitchen faucet; you can wash large dishes comfortably under the spray of water. The pull-down spray features an adjustable spray pattern with a pause function that is great when rinsing dishes. The 20-inch hose is a right size for any kitchen size and gets an excellent flow rate of 2.2 GM.

This faucet can withstand high temperatures and hard water conditions due to the ceramic disc valve. Mineral buildup is nonexistence with this unit. The lid has been tested handle over a million on and off cycles without failing. The result is a sturdy, functional faucet that will stand the test of time without dripping.

  • Brass construction that is scratch and corrosion resistant
  • Ceramic disc valve that prevents dripping
  • High water flow rate of 2.2 GM
  • Easy to mount with a one or three-hole deck
  • This model doesn’t have varieties. Its available in only two finishes

Moen S7597c 90-Degree One Handle High Arc Pullout Kitchen Faucet

Just like the other Moen faucets in this review, quality, design, and performance are the most prominent features. Built with durable materials and the latest in tech, these faucets live up to the praise bestowed on them.

The Moen S7597C had a 90-degree angle giving it a contemporary look that is aesthetically pleasing. The chrome finish gives it a clean, modern look that fits well in the kitchen. Its Spot Resist feature ensures your kitchen is clean free from water spots or fingerprints.

Fitted with the reflex system, the hose easily extends and retracts back easily. The pull-down wand has two spray modes which change with a flick on a switch to accommodate the tasks being done.

The Duralock system allows for easy installation saving you time and without the need for tools. It makes it easy to align waterline for secure connectivity.

  • Stylish, durable design that would work with many kitchen designs
  • High arch design that I functional
  • Spot resist stainless finish that repels stains and fingerprints
  • Reflex system that easily extends and retracts the hose
  • Secure connection with the Duralock system
  • This faucet isn’t cheap, but for its quality and design we feel it’s a fair price

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet

A kitchen faucet is the most used part of the kitchen together with the sink used to wash dishes, food, and hands. For this reason, getting a sturdy faucet is a priority next to functionality. The following tips will help you know what to look for when shopping for a kitchen faucet

Start with The Sink

Just like faucets, sinks come in different sizes and shapes. Look for mounting holes that are there. Not all valves will be compatible with the type of sink you already have. When it comes to mounting holes, the lesser, the better. One-hole faucets are easier to install. If it needs more holes, you will have to drill through the countertop which can get damaged in the process. It’s highly recommended you use a professional in this case.

Check under the sink to see how many holes are there. Kitchen faucets come with 1,2, and 3-hole versions. By identifying this information, you are better informed on what choices will work with your sink before making the purchase.

Are you a do it yourself (DIYer) and want to learn how to install a faucet? Find out here

Hardware Finish

While most kitchen faucets are made of a hard to rust metal most common being stainless steel, many other materials offer the same benefits. The material used will determine your faucets durability.

Materials used and finishes will also determine the price tag. Standard colors include chrome, bronze matte black, and brilliant silver. The best finish will be non-corrosive, won’t tarnish and be rust free. For a clean look, make sure your kitchen faucet matches the finish of other sink accessories.


You will quickly find out that faucets come in a variety of designs and sizes, from traditional models to more industrial modern looks, you will be spoilt for choice. The choice you end up picking will depend on your décor choice. There are several pieces in this review that can be incorporated in both traditional and contemporary designs.

Dimensions of The Faucet

You will want to get a faucet that has a considerable height to allow you to fit big pans under the flow of water. The arch is an essential feature for both aesthetic and function. Arch’s that swivels offer more flexibility when trying to direct water. Some faucets can turn 90, 180 with others swiveling 360 degrees.

Having a long hose that is flexible will making cleaning easy too. Look for a faucet with a long retractable hose that easily stores in the spout.

Spray Head Features

The more the spray options, the better. You don’t want a strong jet of water every time but at the same time not a trickle. A dual system of steam and spray works well for different cleaning tasks. Spray heads can be pulled down or pull out. Both are great choices. The downside to these systems is they tend to loosen up over time such that the hose is left hanging. Get one with a magnetic docking system such as Deltas MagnaTile or Moen’s Reflex system which houses the tubing securely.

Touchless or Faucets with Handles

Touchless faucets are trending right now. They are both functional and easy to operate. The traditional single or double handle faucet works best for classical décor. For tech-savvy people or those who want something extra with the kitchen faucets, a touchless piece is a way to go. Your choice will be depended on the budget. Touchless faucets are pricier than the latter.


Look out for a limited lifetime warranty when getting your kitchen faucet for replacements when your system fails. Some caveats may be placed on the warranty. Read the fine print and identify that works for your needs.

Final Words

We understand that getting the best kitchen face can be hard, but with this review, we provide you with a lot of information to make your search easier. Some units are quite easy to set up with the right tools while others may require you to get a plumber.  The proper design and finishing will add the oomph factor in your kitchen. That is why the Moen Arbor 7594SRS Faucet is our best pick. It’s a beautiful faucet on the two fronts; design and functionality. It has a solid build that renders it durable as well. Protection Status